About Our Website

A Work In Progress

The Northwest Region Website is a work in progress. Although we have spent a great deal of time on our website, it continues to grow. In fact, we're nowhere near being a completed work.

Just the opposite, we intend to continue adding content to this site indefinitely, making it an ever-expanding resource that is capable of ministering to the many and varied needs of both the Church and our world. 

The internet is a powerful tool that has unfortunately been saturated with content that is spiritually detrimental. Often, it is difficult to find things that are spiritually edifying, uplifting and capable of equipping us in our work for the Lord.

Things That Are Good

The Apostle Paul tells the Church in Philippi (in Philippians 4:8, at the conclusion of his epistle): "Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."

This is the idea behind the Northwest Region Website. We want to take some of the guess work out of your online search for Church-related material and other content that will minister to your soul. Rather than having to weed through all of the negative with a mental filter, we entered into this enterprise with a mind to make it the most expansive online resource currently available to The Church of God.

Outreach Tools, Study Helps & More

In particular, we want to provide you with a place to access the most effective tools and resources to aid you in your outreach and ministry in your respective fields of labor. Some of that outreach will, of course, involve tough questions and situations that you may have little knowledge of or experience dealing with. Thus, we want to provide a wealth of study material related to all the auxiliary ministries, as well as each of the teachings of the Church and issues commonly faced by men, women and young people in the present day.

We want the Church to have the knowledge and tools necessary to be effective, functional and relevant in our world, which is why we want to be a part of providing sound, Biblical answers to the tough questions that people all around us are asking. It is not enough for us to say we are the Church. We need to look and act like the Church of the New Testament, if anyone is going to believe that we are one and the same.

Meat for the Hungry, Answers for Seekers

Our goal is to give you access to a wealth of resources that are true, honest, just, pure, virtuous, praise-worthy and of good report! That said, what you see now is just the start of great things yet to come for this web site and, we believe, for the entire Northwest Region of The Church of God.

If you have honest questions, we want to provide honest answers. We realize that, every day, there are people from all over the world who get online to look for answers to their questions about the Bible, the Church, the Savior, salvation, sanctification, the Holy Ghost, marriage, children, finance, temptation and more. We want those people to visit our site frequently, discovering here a vast resource of articles, sermons, Bible studies, podcasts and more that speak to the very questions, issues and needs with which they are presently struggling.

Please be patient, while we add more of these items to our site. We are presently updating our site almost daily and plan to continue doing so once or twice a week. By the start of the new year, 2011, we plan to have an online library of these items available to read, listen to, download and share. So check back often.

Searching This Site

To aid you in searching the content on this website, we are providing you with a page that focuses solely on making our regular visitors aware of the latest updates and additions to our site. You'll find this section in the blue sidebar to the left, under the heading "Site Updates". Additions will be listed by date to make it easy to tell what all has happened since you last visited our site. Or simply CLICK HERE to visit the Site Updates page.

We have also created a number of sub-domains that will allow regular visitors who familiarize themselves with them to instantly access any area of our website, without having to navigate through the main menu and sub-menus, by simply typing the appropriate address into their web browser. A list of these sub-domains can be found in the blue sidebar on the left, under the heading "Subdomain List". Or simply CLICK HERE to see the list.

We will continue to add to this list, as more sub-domains are created for areas of the website that have not yet been published. Once these areas are published and accessible, we will provide you with a quick and easy way to access them. One of the areas we plan to unveil in the summer of 2010 is a section where each local church can have their own mini-website that branches off of the main site. We'll let you know when these new sites become available by listing them on our "Site Updates" page and in the website section of our regional forum.

Areas Currently Available to Search

1. About Us

Here, you'll find information about The Church of God, Northwest Region and greeting from our Regional Overseer. This is also where you will find the section you are currently in, under the heading "About Our Website," which will give you an idea of our vision for this website, the various areas of the website, how to access and use them easily and effectively.

2. Regional Snapshots

Here, you'll find pictures taken at some of our regional events, as well as in the various communities where our local churches operate. More pictures will be added to this area regularly, and plans are currently under way to divide them into different pages based upon their location and function.

3. News & Events

Check here to find out the latest news about our local churches, outreaches, ministries and regional events. We'll provide you with the best information available about our conventions, retreats and other events, as well as detailed maps and resources to help you attend them.

4. Camps & Retreats

Here, you'll find programs, directions, pictures, boosts and even sermons related to our Family Camp, Men's Retreat and Ladies Retreat. This will be a dynamic resource for you in the months to come, as we keep you up-to-date on our planning for these future events. Find out how you can be involved. Also, be the first to have a complete program and maps on how to get there. What's more, we'll provide you with reviews of each event as they happen and pictures to show you how much fun we all had.

5. Regional Leadership

This is the place to find information about our Regional Overseer, district overseers, auxiliary coordinators, pastors and other regional appointments. We'll give you detailed information about the people who labor and minister among you.

6. Churches

Here, you'll find information about the local churches in our region, including service times, locations, directions on how to get there, pastors and how to contact them.

7. Auxiliaries

This section contains many sub-sections that correspond to each of our regional auxiliaries. These include Evangelism, Sunday School, ABM, WMB/Missions, VLB, CPMA and BTI. Most of these will have their own pages for messages from the General and Regional Coordinators, as well as pictures, articles and more, designed to both equip the members and leadership in our region and to help visitors better understand how the auxiliaries work to meet the needs of the Church and community.

8. Heritage

Here, you'll find information about the history and polity of The Church of God, including the Church's New Testament origins and the "Arise, Shine" of her ministry on this side of the Dark Ages. Find out about our government, covenant, flag, literature and more.

9. Teachings

In this section, you will find Scripture references for each of the Church's teachings. As time goes on, articles, sermons and Bible studies will be made available to help you gain a better understanding of each one. We realize that it is not enough to know what the Church teaches, if we fail to establish WHY we teach what we do. We want everyone to be able to study these teaching out for themselves and find answers to any questions they may have. When they possess a firm understanding of the scriptural basis of each teaching, they will be able to both defend those teaching and to explain them to others.

10. Northwest Region Forums

The Northwest Region Forums is an area that operates in conjunction with the Northwest Region Website and provides our visitors with opportunities to make friends, gain helpful insights and resources for their work, answers to questions, share their own needs, testimonies, news from their area and prayer requests, drawing strength from others and encouraging others in their walk.

11. Northwest Beacon Light

The Northwest Beacon Light is the quarterly publication put out by the Northwest Region. Here, you will be able to read the latest issue as well as find back issues. Each issue is available in pdf format, which can be opened by any computer, downloaded and saved for future reference, printed and shared with others, either in hard-copy or by emailing it on to someone else.

12. Resources

Here, you will find a wealth of resources that includes articles, tracts, links to other websites, downloads, podcasts and more. This area is still largely under construction, but we will be expanding it at length in the months ahead.

Feel free to browse each of these areas, and watch the "Site Updates" page, as well as the Website section of our regional forum to find out what new areas become available. We hope that you enjoy our site and will utilize the many resources provided here.
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