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Purpose of the VLB's

For each auxiliary God has provided a specific ministry to help accomplish the work. For the Victory Leaders Band, the purpose is:

  1. To evangelize the youth.
  2. To establish young people through Bible study and prayer.
  3. To inspire young people to raise funds for the printing of the gospel.
  4. To train young people to serve in the Church and assist the program of God.
  5. To cultivate character in our youth, harness their potential, and give them purpose in Christian service.                                                                                                                         
  6. To be a channel through which the local church is able to reach new people and introduce them to both the joy and fellowship of serving Christ. (The Christian life doesn't have to be dull, but should be active and exciting.)
  7. To perpetuate the work of the Church by cultivating the godly passion and leadership of future generations.

History of the VLB

It is essential that youth receive training which will enable them to be of service to God and His Church. God has provided the Victory Leaders Band to be that channel through which young people can become equipped for duty. Realizing this necessity, the Questions and Subjects Committee of 1928 made the following proposal:

"We believe our young people could be far happier in the service of the Lord, of far greater value to the work of the Church, and themselves rooted and grounded in the Church, if they were organized into band for prayer, for Bible study, for Christian service."

Youth Life Teams

Among the membership of the Victory Leaders Band are found many consecrated Christians who love God and the Church. These individuals are fully dedicated to the work of the Lord. They have a fervent desire and zeal to win souls, build the Church, and to be a good influence upon those with whom they associate and seek to win for Christ and the Church.

A Youth Life Team is a group of young people who, after training, preparation, and prayer, endeavor to win souls for Christ and His Church. Since the primary purpose of the team is winning lost souls, a special course of instruction on that subject should be given when preparing a Youth Life Team.

The YLT Handbook is a publication prepared by the Victory Leaders Band Department and provided to all Youth Life Team directors as a resource by which to organize and operate the Youth Life Team ministry.

Junior Victory Leaders

Beginning in 2007, the Victory Leaders Band is implementing a program known as "Junior VLBs". This program is a training program for children who are age eight to eleven years old. This is a preparatory program challenging this target age group of the Gleaner Band to advance and reach forward toward becoming a Victory Leader. The goal of this program is to educate this targeted age group in Bible study, scripture memorization, and guidance through the Word.

Each VLB coordinator should implement the following in coordination with the overseers and pastors:

Junior VLBs:  This group will include young people between the ageas of eight and eleven. They will have a dual status of being a Gleaner but growing toward becoming a Victory Leader. Junior VLB leaders will work hand in hand with the Gleaner leaders to develop and institute a training program which will effectively minister to this target age group. The purpose of this ministering is to prepare these young people to be effective in the Victory Leaders ministry.

Two potential areas of training which could be implemented in Junior VLB training are as follows:

Scripture Memorization:  By encouraging scripture memorization the young people will learn to respect the Word of God. This will guide them to a new depth of understanding and familiarity with the Holy Scripture. Some may find it beneficial to use memorization songs to promote the remembering of scriptures.

Presentation Skills:  By training the young people at this early age, they will be more comfortable with ministering when they become Victory Leaders. Two aspects of presentation to consider when preparing skills training are diction and stage presence.

Note:  The Jr. VLB’s training program is not intended to replace the Gleaner Band or to modify the qualifying age for the Victory Leader Band membership. Jr. VLB’s will maintain dual status as a Gleaner and Jr. VLB. Leadership should work in close coordination with the Gleaner Leader.


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