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Here's What's New on the Northwest Region Website!

Below is a list of recent updates to the Northwest Region Website:

January 24, 2013

  • Updated Overseer photo.
  • Updated Beacon Light section and uploaded current issue for online viewing.
  • Updated Convention pages.
  • Updated addresses on Churches page.
  • Updated homepage, along with associated links and shortcuts to allow quick access to popular information.
  • Updated site menus.
  • Updated Ladies Retreat pages and uploaded application, as well as directions for online view.
  • Added Photo Gallery of our newest members to our Home Page.

October 2012
  • Updated webpage design and layout to be more aesthetically appealing.
  • Updated site menus.
  • Updated regional appointments and information regarding local churches.
  • Updated many of the pictures on our site.
  • January 19, 2012
        We have updated the Skagit Valley "Anthem of Truth" podcast page with 18 new sermons.

    April 4, 2011

    • Created new page for men's retreat audio.
    • Created new subdomain shortcut for men's retreat pages -
    • Uploaded all messages from 2011 men's retreat to website and posted on retreat audio page.
    • Uploaded new sermons for Skagit Valley podcast and posted on "Anthem of Truth" podcast page.
    • Updated homepage news.
    • Updated site menus.

    Fall/Winter (2010-2011)

    • Streamlined menus
    • Added numerous sermons to each of the podcast pages. 
    • Added newest Beacon Light issue (Winter-Spring 2011) to the Beacon page.
    • Added all sermons from the 2010 Washington District convention to the Northwest Region podcast page.
    • Added all sermons from the Oregon District Rally to the Northwest Region podcast page.
    • All three regional podcasts now registered with iTunes.
    • Added newest links to site homepage, as well as easy access link for this updates page.
    • Added men's retreat program, logo and application to the men's retreat page.

    OCTOBER 14

    • Removed homepage menu link to the Northwest Region podcast and replaced it with a page, "Our Podcasts."
    • Set up links on the "Our Podcasts" page to three different podcast pages, where individual messages can be listened to online. Eventually, listeners can subscribe to the podcasts from these pages.
    • Uploaded four sermons from Salem, OR by Pastor James Adcock.
    • Posted the four Salem, OR sermons on the Salem, OR podcast page with widgets for listening to each.
    • Created three images for the three podcasts, Northwest Region, Skagit Valley, and Salem, OR.
    • Posted the three images on the "Our Podcasts" page, with larger images on the corresponding pages.
    • Created and linked pages for each of the three podcasts.
    • Created an RSS feed for the Salem podcast and uploaded it to the regional server.


    • Created a "Conventions Homepage" and added this to the main sidebar menu of the site homepage.
    • Moved the "Regional Convention" page and connected pages to the "Conventions Homepage" area.
    • Created a Minister's Convention page with information about the upcoming Minister's Convention.
    • Created a .pdf convention program and uploaded it to the website, with link on"Minister's Convention" page.
    • Created a Washington District Convention page with information about the November convention.
    • Simplified the Conventions menu.
    • Created shortcut to conventions page -


    • Updated and revised all content on each of pages in the "News & Events" section. 
    • Added a page for Sharron Kremer (new member in Dallas, OR), with links to her music - Under "News & Events".
    • Added a page with pictures of the newly acquired church building in Kennewick, WA. - Under "Local Churches".
    • Added links to The Church of God in Skagit Valley (Skagit TCOG) - Under "Local Churches".
    • Added links to the new Salem, Oregon website (Salem TCOG) - Under "Local Churches".
    • Created a shortcut to the Salem website -
    • Added a link to this "Site Updates" page (LATEST WEBSITE UPDATES) at bottom of Home Page.
    • Added each of the dates for upcoming conventions and retreats to the "Calendar & Dates" page.
    • Updated masthead for the entire regional website.
    • Simplified some menus.

    JULY 17

    • Streamlined main menu. Moved "Teachings" page to the "About Us" section. Revised "About Us" menus.
    • Added "Northwest Region Podcast" tab to the sidebar menu of the Home Page. The tab connects to the Northwest Region podcast, with Convention and other messages & boosts.
    • Created Northwest Region podcast, "The Cry of the Watchmen".
    • Uploaded six new messages and boosts to the Northwest Region podcast.

    JULY 14

    • Fixed broken links on "Churches" page. The Google maps are all fully operational, with detailed satellite images, street names and marked location of each church.
    • Added AAA Trip Tiks with detailed directions to the Sedro-Woolley church from Seattle, Burlington and Rockport. This is the first of the AAA Trip Tiks for the churches, but others will follow.

    JULY 13

    • Uploaded 2010-11 Regional Appointments pdf.
    • Added link to 2010-11 Regional Appointments pdf to "Regional Convention" Menu.
    • Updated "Leadership Homepage" to reflect 2010-11 regional appointments.
    • Updated Overseer photo on "Overseer Message" page.
    • Updated Overseer photo on "Regional Overseer Page".
    • Updated Pastor and District Overseer photos with most recent profile pictures in Leadership section.
    • Updated Coordinators photos in Leadership section.
    • Updated Committee Members in Leadership section.

    JULY 7

    • Added "Convention Photos" Page, accessed from "Regional Convention" Page Menu.
    • Uploaded 43 pictures from the 2010 Northwest Region Convention in Yakima to "Convention Photos."

    JUNE 23

    • Added the Skagit Valley (Sedro-Woolley/Hamilton, Wash) website to the Church section.
    • Updated Skagit Valley website with pictures.
    • Added subdomain for the Skagit Valley TCOG site:
    • Added new pages to VLB/Youth section.
    • Music Spotlight page is now "VLB Music Spotlight" for TCOG musicians/artists.
    • VLB spotlight currently features Darren Adams, a member of the Sedro-Woolley church.
    • Added "Youth Activity" page.

    JUNE 14

    • Published Northwest Beacon Light Vol 1 Issue 1 to "Beacon Light" page.
    • Added link at top of "Beacon Light" page for downloading latest issue.
    • Corrected "Guestbook" publishing error. All posts can now be viewed.
    • Set "Guestbook" to automatically publish any comments submitted.
    • Corrected margin error on WMB/Missions "WMB Ministries" page.
    • Made general typographical corrections to several pages throughout site.
    • Published a new Calendar & Dates page, now available in the "News & Events" section.
    • Added dates for Minister's Convention to "Calendar & Dates" & "Announcements" pages.
    • Updated "News & Events" section pages with current news, announcements & corrections.
    • Published a new "Retreat Reflections 2010" page in the "Ladies Retreat" section.
    • Added photos and writeup by Ladies Retreat Coordinator.
    • Updated subdomain list. Regional e-mail list can now be accessed by "".
    • Added map of Ridgecrest campus & facilities to "Announcements" page, under "General Assembly".

    JUNE 5

    • Created 31 sub-domains to allow easy access to different areas of website.
    • Created "About Our Website" page under "About Us" section.
    • Added content to "About Our Website".
    • Created "Subdomains List" page under "About Our Website".
    • Added complete list of active sub-domains to "Subdomains List" page.
    • Created "Site Updates" page under "About Our Website".
    • Added updates from May 31-June 5.
    • Redesigned menu interface for "Regional Leadership" section.

    JUNE 3-4

    • Added "More Announcements" to the "News & Events" section.
    • New members noted in "More Announcements".
    • Created and published a "Regional Convention" page.
    • Added hotel information to Regional Convention page.
    • Added Google maps to Regional Convention page.
    • Added  downloadable AAA Trip Tiks to Regional Convention page.
    • Redesigned menu interface of the "News & Events" section.

    JUNE 2

    • Created welcome templates for regional e-mail related to the website & forum.
    • Worked on "Regional Convention" page for website.

    JUNE 1

    • Updated "New & Events" page.
    • Streamlined some of the pages.

    MAY 31

    • Created FACEBOOK page for Northwest Region Website to post updates about the site.
    • Sent invitations to numerous individuals to become fans of the Northwest Region Website.
    • Added announcement about the FACEBOOK page to website.
    • Added and updated profile information for pastors and district overseers in "Regional Leadership".
    • Replaced Flash Intro page with new lighthouse animation.

    ATTENTION ALL YOUTH! The Northwest Region website is looking for talented young musicians and performers to be featured in an all new TCOG YOUTH FOCUS section. This section will highlight the talent of our VLBs in The Church of God. We would like samples of your music, bio information, a photograph and applicable contact information.

    ALSO: We need sermons and articles geared toward establishing young people, addressing youth issues and equipping youth for service. Please send all of your materials to

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