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"Anthem of Truth" - A Podcast of The Church of God

in Skagit Valley (Hamilton/Sedro-Woolley, WA).

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Listeners may now subscribe to The Anthem of Truth podcast through iTunes. 
Simply open iTunes, select iTunes store and search for "Anthem of Truth", "Skagit Valley" or "Jacob Doran" in the Search Store window. The Anthem of Truth podcast will come up under podcasts, along with a Subscribe button. Click this button to subscribe to the podcast. By selecting the podcast itself, you will also see a list of the episodes that are currently available to download.  
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We hope that you enjoy our podcast!


New Year 2011: Tending the Oil


Waiting for Christmas

Thanksgiving - How Sweet It Is

Revisiting the Damascus Road

Faith Like Pumpkins

The Promise of An Open Door

Assurance in God's Conditional Promises

A Smoking Flax

Taking A Stand on a Literal Genesis

Understanding & Appreciating Our Trials

Teach Us To Number Our Days

Receiving a Love of the Truth

Within the Consuming Fire of God

The Glow of the Fervent

No Fire In The Lantern

A Little Oil & A Lot of Vessels

Hope of a Bruised Reed

You Can't Set Sail Without The Wind

Mother's Day 2011: The Lifespring

Multitudes From Loaves & Fishes

The Risen & Conquering Savior (Resurrection Sunday 2011)

Palm Sunday: Knowing and Proclaiming the Our of Visitation

Come Out From Under Your Circumstances

Othniel: A Lion Among Men

Secrets of Divine Power

Epaphras: God's Pro Wrestler

Valentine Message 2011

Super Sunday 2010: Your Comfort-Zone Versus God's End Zone

For His Pleasure - Created to Worship

Psalm 45: The Kingdom, Power & Glory of Christ

Getting to Know Jesus: The Flight Into Egypt

Getting Back to Building the Kingdom

The Year of Burning Bush Experiences


Christmas in the New Year

Mary: The Cost & Blessing of Obedience to God's Call

Zecharias: The Unutterable Testimony

Crowned With Holiness

BTI - Book1, Lesson 3A, "The Church Prior to Pentecost"

Understanding the Early and Latter Rain

The Story of Noah for Children

BTI - Book 1, Lesson 2, "The Church in the New Testament"

The On-going Battle for Our Thoughts

Prepare Ye The Way of the Lord

A Closer Look at Abba Father & the Adoption

Expecting God's Glory in Trials

Born Again for Spiritual Reproduction

Recovering Our First Love

Revisiting the Emaus Road Encounter (Resurrection Sunday 2010)

Four Hours on Sunday

Food or Fluff? - What Does Your Soul Crave?


The Nature of Real Revival (Yakima Revival)

Preparing The Soil of Our Hearts (Yakima Revival)

Prepare Ye The Way (Yakima Revival)

The Arm of the Lord (Yakima Revival)


Thy People Shall Be Willing (Kennewick, WA)

We Need The Wine - Part 2 (Flathead Valley, MT)

The Hem of His Garment (Anchorage, AK)

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