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In the Northwest Region, we take our retreat serious. Our retreat directors spend a good part of their year planning and preparing the their retreats, to ensure that the members and visitors who attend will receive the best possible experience and leave having both enjoyed the presence of the Lord and received direction from Him that can be applied to their lives in the areas that matter most.

Meet our retreat directors:

Jacob Doran, Men's Retreat Director

Bro. Doran has a powerful testimony of how the Lord turned his life around at 18 years of age and set him on the path of divine revelation and ministry to the saints of God. Bro. Doran admits to having come to the foot of the cross with a lifetime of baggage that seemed to have too great of a hold on him for him to be able to lay down. Yet, God through the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit delivered him from the bondage of sin and healed a painful past, transforming his moral character and giving him clarity in the Word of God that no person could have imparted. 

After receiving lay training under current General Overseer, Bishop Stephen Smith, who served as his pastor in Colorado Springs, CO, shortly after his being saved. Bro. Doran also benefited from training under two other pastors, Harvey Anders and Colin Shuler, who served as a friend and mentor, teaching him much about being a true man of God.

After leaving Colorado Springs, Bro. Doran held a series of revivals across the country and fell in love with his future wife (Rebekah Doran) while holding revival in Anchorage, Alaska. Eventually, Bro. Doran moved to Bethel, Alaska to be near Rebekah's family. The couple were married the following May.

Brother & Sister Doran recently celebrated their 10th anniversary. They have five young children, including two boys and three girls with ages ranging from two to eight years.

That said, Bro. Doran has experienced many of the challenges facing fathers and husbands and openly concedes that he is still learning to communicate effectively with in his marriage but that his dependency upon the Lord has brought him a long way from the clueless young man he was on May 6, 2000, when he first pledged his heart and life to the woman he loved. Bro. Doran quickly realized that he had a lot to learn, which none of the marriage books he had read could have prepared him for. 

The same, he says, was true of parenthood. Some things, he insists, one learns only from experience, godly examples, and a close relationship with Christ, along with daily dependence upon the council of His Holy Word.

Although he does not claim to have all the answers to life's questions, he does believe he has found the solution to life's many challenges and the power to become the man that God has called each of us to be. He invites his fellow men in the Northwest Region to join him on one of the greatest journeys that life presents--the journey of manhood, the way that God intends for it to be.

The Lord has given Bro. Doran a passion for the men of the Church and a powerful vision of the role and and anointing that God has purposed for every man. It is his desire, that every man who joins him during Men's Retreat and for the various men's ministries of The Church of God in the Northwest Region with catch the passion and vision of what God has prepared for the men of the Church.

Diana Barker, Ladies Retreat Director

More information coming soon!

Get your applications in as soon as possible to ensure your place and the best possible retreat!

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Diana Barker
PO Box 33083
Portland, OR  97292-3083
(503)  760-2190

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