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Northwest Region Podcast - 

"The Shout of the Watchmen"

The "Shout of the Watchmen" podcast contains sermons and boosts preached during our Northwest Region functions, such as conventions, rallies and retreats. These serve as reminders to those who attended and want to keep the messages fresh in their minds. However, they are especially important for those who miss out on attending these functions and want to get an audio dose of what they missed.

For more information on the Northwest Region podcast, visit the "Shout of the Watchmen" podcast page.

TCOG Skagit Valley, WA Podcast - 

"Anthem of Truth"

The "Anthem of Truth" podcast contains messages preached at the Skagit Valley TCOG, in Hamilton/Sedro-Woolley, WA. Pastor Doran encourages the Church to move forward in God's plan for evangelizing the world (and our own backyard). Challenging message give direction and inspiration to draw closer to God and shine His light in every part of lives, family, community and region. Discouraging us from becoming too comfortable, Pastor Doran counsels the Church to reach a place of maturity and become a training ground for those who will labor in the Master's fields.

For more information about the Skagit Valley (Hamilton/Sedro-Woolley) TCOG, visit their Skagit WEBSITE. Or to hear sermons preached at the Skagit TCOG, listen in on the "Anthem of Truth" podcast.

TCOG Salem, OR Podcast - 

"The Way to Zion"

"The Way to Zion" podcast contains messages preached at Salem, Oregon by Pastor James Adcock. Pastor Adcock endeavors to challenge the Salem congregation and surrounding area to live lives that reflect the person, character and mission of Jesus Christ, leading others in the highway of holiness that leads to the City of the Living God, His Church. That Church, the Lord declared, is a like a city on a hill that cannot be hid, where the light of Christ shines forth from her edifices and watch towers into the the surrounding darkness.

For more information on the Salem TCOG, visit their Salem WEBSITE or just listen in on "The Way Zion" podcast page

TCOG Northwest Region Men's Retreat Podcast - 

"Men of Vision, Valor & Victory"

The "Men of Vision, Valor & Victory" podcast contains messages preached during the annual men's retreats of the Northwest Region, as well as other regional messages of particular interest to men and men's ministry. 

For more information on "Men of Vision, Valor & Victory" podcast, click on our logo or visit our Men's Retreat Audio page at the following link: Men of Vision, Valor & Victory

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