The Church of God

Northwest Region

"The Shout of the Watchmen" - A Pocast of TCOG

in the Northwest Region (W.MT, N.ID, WA, &OR)

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2010 Oregon District Rally, November 5-6
Session 1: Worship and Prayer

Session 1: Dorothy Dodson Message

Session 1: Ken Brock Message

Session 1: James Adcock Message

Session 1: Christy Brock, Youth Boost

Session 2: CPMA Boost

Session 2: Samuel McMahon Message

2010 Washington District Convention, November 5-6

Friday Evening Intro: "A Clear Vision for 2010-11 and Beyond," Jacob Doran

Friday Evening Message: "You Can't Grow If You Don't Glow," Ron Barker

Saturday Morning Message 1: "What Does It Mean to Redeem the Time?" James Adcock

Saturday Morning Message 2: "Getting Back What We've Lost," Josh Davis

Saturday Morning Message 3: "Are We Living in the Shadows?" Sam McMahon

Saturday Afternoon Workshop 1: "Let's Talk Outreach," Josh Davis

Saturday Afternoon Workshop 2: "Straight Talk About Outreach & the Church"

Saturday Afternoon Message: "Thy Dead Men Shall Live," Jacob Doran

Saturday Evening Message: "Power & Promise for the Next Generation," 
Regional VLB Coordinator Justin Sweeney

The Church of God, Northwest Region Minister's Convention 2010

Friday Night Worship & Testimonies

Friday Night Message, "Trusting In The Truth," by Bro. Jacob Doran

"Multiplying Our Talents" - Outreach Boost by Bro. James Adcock

Sunday School Boost by Sis. Diana Barker

CPMA Boost by Sis. Dorothy Dodson

WMB Boost by Sis. Velda Rice

VLB Boost by Bro. Justin Sweeney

Evangelism Boost by Bro. Ron Barker

Overseer Message to the 2010 Minister's Convention

Saturday Night Message, "Walking in the Truth", by Bro. Jacob DoranĀ 

Messages from the 2010 Northwest Regional ConventionĀ 
of The Church of God

"Too Many Voices" - Message by Bishop Melvin Byers

"We Need the Wine" - BTI Boost By Bro. Jacob Doran

Overseer's Address to the 2010 Regional Convention

Sunday Morning Post-Convention Service in Yakima (Bishop Melvin Byers)

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