More Exciting News

The Work Continues to Grow!
Bro. Ken and Sis. Christy Brock, along with their two daughters, Morgan & Katelyn, have chosen to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and relocate to Prineville, OR, where they will be pastoring a handful of members and laboring in the community to build a strong congregation. The Brocks bring a number of talents to our region and will be helping with the regional work, as well as the local work in Prineville. Notably, the two will help to jump-start our youth camp ministry and train enough workers to get the ministry back into full-swing.

The excitement for the work in the new assembly year (2010-2011) seems to be growing every day, and with new fields opening up all the time, it hasn't come a moment too soon. We need all the workers we can get!

It has been encouraging to see the amount of cross-ministry over the last several months, in which ministers from several of the local churches have lent their gifts to other churches in our region to help them have a stronger presence in their own area. This cross-ministry will likely continue to grow in order to cover as much ground as possible in our communities and in our region in promoting the work of the Lord and His Church. 

In some churches, new outreach ideas and ministries are also being explored as ways to reach their communities and bring the Church to them, the same way the Church grew in the Book of Acts.

We look forward to great things in the coming months, and having even better news to share.

Two New Members Join in Salem!
Congratulations to our two newest members of The Church of God, in Salem Oregon, Bro. David & Sis. Sharron Kremer. 

Bro. & Sis. Kremer attended a special service with Sis. Betty Bishop on a Wednesday evening. Their new pastor, Bro. Curtis Barker, reports that Sis. Bishop preached an anointed message, which led to a move of the Holy Ghost, as well as a message and interpretation.

The Kremer's were also moved and asked to be united with The Church of God. Bro. Curtis Barker administered the covenant and the whole church extended the right hand of fellowship to their newest members. The Kremers say they are excited to finally be where they know they belong.

Praise the Lord for His mighty power and for continuing to draw His sheep into the fold!

Sis. Kremer has written an article about her experience, which was printed in the August issue of the Beacon Light. We encourage everyone to read this article and see how God is moving.

Also, more information about Sis. Sharon can be found on a new page that we have put up (CLICK HERE), where you can learn about her work and singing with her sisters, Voices of Praise.

Workers wanted!

It's no secret that The Church of God is in need of faithful workers in every region. However, with a region a vast and spread at as ours, the Northwest Region feels that need is a big way. 

Consequently, we would like to ask our members to pray that God will move upon and raise up workers to help grow the Church in our region.

The truth is that we have more fields that need attention than we have workers to labor in them. Each of these fields, if worked, may yield an abundance of workers who will bless the entire Northwest region. However, many of those workers have yet to be won, and we need workers who are willing to labor in the field until souls are both won and equipped to labor among us for the glory of God, the spread of the Gospel and the growth of The Church of God.

Please join us in prayer on a daily basis and fast whenever you are able to see a mighty move of the Holy Ghost among our members who do not yet have the baptism of the Spirit and that the "Lord of the Harvest" will "send for laborers into His harvest."

Every opportunity missed is one that might not come our way again. Let us be diligent, both in labor and in prayer that God will send other laborers our way.

Notably, we MUST see a strong youth work established in our region to promote the work in each of the local churches. So pray for the youth in our region, specifically, that God might raise up a mighty army of young hands and willing hearts who are on fire for God, ready to win souls for the Master, and zealous to grow the ministries of His Church in their communities, as well as on a regional level.

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