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Men's Retreat - Welcome

Gaining Strength Through Fellowship 
for Battles Present and Battles Yet to Come!

Thanks be to God for another awesome retreat! We truly felt the presence of the Lord, and I that every one of us heard Him speak through the messages, classes and devotions. The good news is that Men's Retreat is just gaining momentum in the Northwest Region and is certain to become more and more powerful--producing more change, more consistent and contagious leadership, and a stronger zeal among the younger men who are preparing to enter the challenges and responsibilities of manhood. I am looking for a transformation to occur in our region, as a direct result of a transformation in the men of our region as godly, inspired men who's lives attest to the purpose, design and passion of their God.

Men's Retreat is an opportunity for men to get away and be with other men who understand the challenges inherent with the responsibilities we bear. Men's Retreat is a time of refocusing and gaining direction for the areas in which we bear the responsibilities of leadership--in our homes, in our churches, in our communities and in our region. Not only do we find fellowship and camaraderie, but purpose and clarity. What's more, we have a lot of fun that most of us only experience at events such as these, in the company of friends and fellow-laborers--fathers, husbands, workers, ministers and (perhaps, more importantly) real men who deal with real life on a daily basis.

Keep checking this section for updates about our latest men's retreat and plans for next year's retreat, not to mention other events that may be in the making for the men of our region.

Oh, and don't forget to check out the men's area of our Northwest Regional Forum for more information, as well as fellowship and study designed specifically for men. To visit our forum, click here!
"One of the greatest needs in the Church today is courageous, wholly-committed male leadership. As men, we must draw strength from one another, challenge one another and have one another's backs in the battles ahead, which we must fight for the many souls who are counting on us to succeed!" --Bro. Doran

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