District Overseers

Western Montana & Northern Idaho
David Hendricks, Sr.

David Hendricks has lived in the Flathead Valley, Montana, for more than 20 years and has pastored the Columbia Falls area for 11 years. Before he began pastoring, he also served as an assistant pastor. David has three grown children and 12 grandchildren who keep him busy when he's not tending to the ministry of his local church.  

According to Bro. Hendricks, one of the best things about living in Montana is that being just 20 minutes from Glacier National Park and in close proximity to the Swan and Mission Mountains, the Hungry Horse Reservoir and the Bob Marshall Wilderness. However, he adds that the best part of pastoring and serving as a district overseer is simply being able to help others and work along side them. David considers it a privilege to be a minister in The Church of God, adding that nothing compares to having the confidence that you are preaching the truth.

Bro. Hendricks has a reputation for serving others, something which he says he learned from his own father. He says that means working while it is day, always putting the needs of others before your own and never giving up on anyone. In fact, his prayer for The Church of God is that every member would get a heart so full of love and willingness to be of service to the Church and others that it becomes a driving force in their lives - one that wakes them up in the middle of the night with an awareness of the great needs all around them and the urgency of winning the lost.

Bro. Hendricks actively keeps in contact with the other churches in our region and works to build relationships in the Flathead Valley of Montana, where he hopes to see revival take hold of both the members of the church in Columbia Falls and the entire community. He believes that such revival is a natural result of God's people getting their priorities in line with the priorities of God - when they stop investing so much of their time and resources in the pleasures and comforts of their own lives and begin to invest them in the work of the Lord.

He also believes strongly in the power of prayer and fasting, without which we often come short of witnessing the kind of breakthroughs and deliverances that God wants to give.

Bro. Hendricks wants to see more functions in the state of Montana, more local support for those functions, and more interaction between the churches scattered throughout the Northwest Region. When God's people join together with a common heart and common goals, he is certain that the Lord will respond to our cry for revival with the measurable forward motion of the Church in each of our fields of labors, as well as new ones where there is not currently an organized work.

Jacob Doran

Jacob Doran currently pastors The Church of God in Sedro-Woolley, Washington. Although he has pastored there for three years, he previously pastored in Montana for five years and in Aurora, Illinois - a suburb of Chicago - for four years. Bro. Doran felt strongly that God was leading him to Western Washington, after being asked by the regional overseer to pastor the church in Sedro-Woolley.

That said, he admits that leaving Montana was one of the hardest things he has done, because of all the relationships he had built and the love he felt for them. He would like to think that such is one of the evidences of a pastor's heart, regardless of where he lives and ministers. 

Today, God has given him a love for the community of Sedro-Woolley, the Skagit Valley and the many wonderful people who live there. Although new to the area, he rejoices to find that new relationships are being built every day.

Bro. Doran's heart has been to see God's people become serious about the calling and commission of the Body of Christ. He recall's the vision of former General Overseer, Bishop M.A. Tomlinson, who popularized the slogan "Every member a worker, and a special work for every one."

When Bro. Doran talks about vision - something about which he is passionate - he says he means a lot more than just the doctrine and teachings of the Church. While he recognizes the importance of these and the beauty of true holiness, he adds that these could better be described as a firm understanding of what the Bible teachings. As for vision, Bro. Doran stresses the need the an clear insight into God's purpose for the Church on Earth and the work He has chosen for each one as members in particular. That work, he says, should affect every decision we make, every goal we set, every task we commit to, every relationship we build, every prayer we pray, every pursuit we embrace and every day of our lives. Regardless of what we call it, he insists it is not a vision until it becomes a way of life and daily defines the way we see everything else.

"Proverbs 29:18 tells us that, where there is no vision, the people perish," he says. "Doctrine alone will not keep the precious souls that we minister to, if the Holy Spirit isn't breathing life into our ministry, services and daily lives. And, when He does, we have definite direction and are able to see measurable results.

"What will keep God's people is a revelation of who they are in Christ - how much a part of His plan to bring spiritual healing and purpose to this world He intends for us to be. When such a vision is combined with the infallible teachings of His Word, it serves as a guide that continually keeps us moving in the right direction. I don't mean this merely in our knowledge of scripture but in the way that it integrates with our lives, our purpose and our daily interaction with the world we live it. 

"When we have a VISION that the field is white already for harvest and are persuaded God has chosen us for the work of harvesting it, we stop talking about the work or viewing it as some future event. Instead, we wake up every morning and immediately go forth to labor in the field with a heart and mind for the harvest. It is our daily labor. We see everything in life in view of the harvest, and nothing has any greater importance."

To that end, Bro. Doran says he sees the role of a pastor as being "to teach, to equip and to send." That involves "whetting people's appetite for the things of God," as well as "cultivating a consuming love for Christ that is relevant as well as integrated with every facet of their lives and their labors." 

Bro. Doran adds that the purpose of the Church and the purpose of Christ ought to be one and the same. "His work is our work," he says, "and that is to seek and to save that which was lost. In addition to restoring souls to a right relationship with Chris, that means restoring holiness of life, restoring truth, restoring potential, restoring the ministry of discipleship, restoring vision, restoring purpose, full-restoration of the gifts of the Spirit and restoring the power of God that enabled the early Church to turn the world upside down to both our lives and services."

Bro. Doran stresses the importance of the Spirit as an active part of our life and labor. "If we're not serious about worship or yielding our whole life to God for His purpose, we find that too much of life and even church has absolutely nothing to do why we're really here. The supposedly spiritual parts of our lives become nothing more than ritual observance. We cannot do this - either in our services or in the daily tasks through which God wants to affect and direct our world, if we do not have regular interaction with the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the agent through which Christ accomplishes His purposes in us, so that we may be the agents through with He may convey His purpose to the world."

To that end, Bro. Doran hopes to see the Church rediscover a passionate "first love" experience for Christ that results in a compelling love for the souls that we are sent to win.
"I'm sure that a hundred people could give a hundred different explanations as to the essence of the Church," Bro. Doran says. "The essence is love or the essence of the Church is ministry or evangelism, the essence of the Church is the Spirit of God, the Kingdom of God (fill-in-the-blank). But all of these are fruits of the same Vine, and the essence is the life-sustaining nature or preeminence of Christ. Everything that we do, if not for Christ, in Christ, through Christ and to lead people TO Christ, is a departure from the nature, mission, the very identity of the Church. Evangelism may very well be the heartbeat of the Church, but Christ is the life of the Church and all that pertains to that life.

"1 Corinthians 13 tells us that everything we do that is not born out of "first love" - the kind that causes our hearts to burn and beat a little faster - is empty and uninspired. A burning love for Christ always results in a burning love for others."

God has given Bro. Doran a passion for the men of our region to recover the passion for God and His work that they were born to possess and that makes them true leaders in their communities, as well as in our region. He also has a passion for teaching and training the Church to labor for Christ and win their communities. To that end, he believes in using every resource available to the Church and is convinced that when we do so we will see an immeasurable return on what we have invested.

Jacob and his wife Rebekah have five children (ages 2-8 years), with whom he enjoys spending time. In addition, he serves as district overseer of the state of Washington, assistant editor of the regional paper and webmaster of Northwest Region's website. Despite these responsibilities, he continues to find time for loving and serving the special people God has placed in his life.
For more information, check out the website of The Church of God in Sedro-Woolley.  Link Coming Soon!

Ron Barker

Bro. Ron Barker began pastoring in 1994, in Nampa/Caldwell, Idaho. He presently pastors in Portland, where he attends Multnomah University. He is majoring in leadership in ministry in an effort to obtain a Masters Degree in Theology and eventually enter a doctoral program.

Bro. Ron feels a deep love for both the people he pastors and the people he hopes to reach through his ministry. 

“God has placed within me a longing to reach out to people,” he affirms. “There are many people that do not have a home church, have been emotionally and/or spiritually hurt, and have never known Jesus on a personal level. I want to help people develop a strong relationship with Jesus Christ and give them an opportunity to feel that they are in a place of spiritual and emotional safety.”

Particularly, God has given Bro. Ron a heart for young people. He is presently seeking to develop a ministry to homeless teenagers in the Portland area, where a large community of homeless teenagers now live. Portland, Bro. Ron explains, has few resources to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of such young people. 

“My prayer is that God will unlock a door so our church will be able to open a youth center in downtown Portland.”

Additionally, he hopes to see the local church expand and develop a number of new churches throughout the greater Portland metropolitan area in the not-so-distant future. 

Regionally, Bro. Ron recognizes the challenges of covering such a large area (Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Western Montana). That said, he also feels an excitement about what God has in store for the region.

“Being given the opportunity to minister in this region and as a part of The Church of God is exciting, every day. I love the work God has placed in my life and I enjoy traveling the region to visit the various churches, in keeping with the responsibilities of my regional appointments. Going to different local churches to visit with the pastors, members and diverse leadership within each of those churches is probably my favorite part of this ministry.”

Bro. Ron says that, even though The Church of God is not the largest church numerically, there are much more important factors than size, which compel him to pursue a vital ministry in The Church of God. 

“The doctrine is one of the main reasons I want to be a minister in this Church,” he says. “Sometimes people pick their home church based on the distance from their home, the programs that are offered, the pastor, etc., but one of the main reasons to attend or to be a minister in The Church of God is the doctrine. As a minister I want to teach what the Bible teaches. The Church of God takes the whole Bible rightly divided as its rule of faith, practice, government and discipline. There is no greater honor than to be a minister in The Church of God and to know that you are helping to bring people into God’s Church.”

What's more, Bro. Ron feels a burning desire for evangelism, knowing that time is short. He believes that we are living in the last days. "I wouldn't be surprise to see the Lord come back in our lifetime," he says, stressing that now - perhaps, more than ever before - people need the Lord.

The Bible makes it clear the God wants all men to come to the knowledge of the truth. He grieves that any should perish and be lost. With that in mind, Bro. Ron insists, we should all be busy about the work of the Lord and feeling the seriousness of the Great Commission every day.

Bro. Ron and his wife, Diana, have three grown children and five grandchildren.

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