Northwest Regional Convention


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Regional convention is a special time in the Northwest Region, because it is a time when those of us who are separated by hundreds of miles are able to come together and fellowship with the saints of God. Often, we are also able to make new friends and strengthen our bond as fellow-laborers in the fields of the Lord.

Convention consists of a series of boosts from our regional auxiliary coordinators, sermons on specific topics that correspond to the theme our regional overseer has chosen for this convention year, and appointments for the new convention year.

This year's convention will be held in Kennewick, WA! The dates and theme will be posted, soon, along with other materials that may be helpful in making your plans to attend.

 [This information will be updated shortly.]



A PDF copy of this year's program for the Northwest Regional Convention  can be viewed, printed, saved to your computer and e-mailed to friends by clicking on the link we will provide below, as soon as a program has been finalized:



The Church of God in Kennewick is located at 812 W. 19th St. in Kennewick, Washington.

For a detailed, satellite Google map Click Here

We trust that these resources will be a help to you in your planning to attend this great regional event.

A list of rooms and rates will also be provided here, in the spring, once the hotels have updated their pricing.

 If you are interested in obtaining a group rate, please contact Bro. Allard Smith by calling (208) 870-5266 or e-mailing him at

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