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Purpose of BTI
The ministry of Bible Training Institute is devoted to training people in the foundations of the Word of God. This training not only encompasses doctrine, but it also incorporates aspects of business, polity, and procedure. Bible Training Institute has, throughout the years, been a success in providing the Church many laborers to go forth in the needy fields of labor to advance the Church's work and ministry.

BTI & the Great Commission
Let's face it. A church that doesn't reproduce (evangelize) is destined to eventually die off. Local churches cannot depend on "adding" to the church by the natural growth of its members having children. Such growth should not be seen as natural if it occurs in the absence of active evangelism, because this will not only produce slow growth but ultimately will become stunted growth. 

Without the fruits of evangelism, there is nothing in the Church that is real enough to KEEP our children in the Church. If we are not persuaded enough by our own experience or excited enough about that experience to share it with others in a convincing way, how are we to convince our children that it is real and worth making a lifetime--nay, eternal--commitment to. 

The Church cannot survive on tradition and must not try to do so. The Church survives AND THRIVES on the kind of ongoing revival, which refocuses the members in their priorities and commitment to Christ, and thereby fans the flames of evangelism. Evangelism and revival go hand in hand. A church without a heart for evangelism is a church without the heart of Christ. A church without the heart of Christ is built upon tradition and has little power to influence, because the Holy Spirit is absent in any real sense that involves giving power for service in the real world. Eventually, that church begins to lose its young people, because as they come of age they become disillusioned with mere tradition and the subsequent lack of spiritual fruit

BTI is one of the most effective tools currently in operation in the Church, in that it is a means for inspiring our members (young and old) with God's purpose and design, acquainting them with the operation of the Holy Spirit (giving power for service), helping them to find their own place and ministry in the Body, and equipping them to serve in the capacity that God intends for them. Those who attend BTI usually report coming to a place of divine revelation, becoming aware of the calling of God upon their lives, and feeling more convinced of His direction for their lives than they have ever felt before. That calling may not be to teach or to pastor, but it does involve serving the Body of Christ in any number of ways, influencing those around us in a positive and spiritual way, and winning souls to Christ.

What's more, the result of divine revelation, as is often experienced while attending the inspired and anointed classes at BTI, leads members to serve not out of a sense of duty or peer pressure but out of an all-consuming love for Christ and others. Such revelation, in which the love of Christ pours into and then through the members,  compels them to reach the lost and introduce them to the Savoir. 

This divine passion is the true heartbeat of the Church, and the reason that BTI exists.

Bible Training Institute was not created solely for those who feel a calling to the ministry. It was created as a way to take every member deeper into the Word of God and give them the tools they need to become what God designed for them to be. Many discover, while attending BTI, that they have a calling they did not realize they had. In addition, they receive the direction they need to better understand and fulfill that calling. They learn to depend upon the Holy Spirit and thereby bear spiritual fruit in the same way that a branch bears fruit, as a result of the connection it shares with the vine.

BTI helps members become more connected than they have ever been, both to the Body and to Christ. The result is a life that blossoms with purpose and in which the spirit of evangelism is evident in every thing they do. This simultaneously enables them to reproduce the vision and zeal that Christ has imparted and enables the Church to fulfill the Great Commission.

BTI Course Offerings

The curriculum of Bible Training Institute is divided into four terms of study. The primary course of study is offered in a three year program available to all individuals. Upon completion of this study program, students will receive a diploma certifying their graduation. Also available to licensed ministry is the Leadership and Pastoral Development course.

First Term Course Study

The Bible Training Institute first term course of study provides an introduction to the Bible and its teachings, an overview of Church polity, and a discussion of basic pastoral obligations.

  • Old Testament Overview
  • Pastoral I
  • Church Business I
  • Doctrine I
  • Auxiliaries I
  • Elective

Second Term Course Study

The Bible Training Institute second term course of study continues the educational path established by first term BTI. Second term is highlighted by the introduction of the New Testament study on the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

  • Auxiliaries II
  • Church Business II
  • Life of Christ I
  • Pastoral II
  • Doctrine II
  • Elective

Third Term Course Study

The Bible Training Institute third term course of study completes the educational path established by first and second terms. Third term finishes the study of the life and ministry of Christ, as well as, introduces a study on the nature of the Kingdom of God and the Church of God.

  • Doctrine III
  • Pauline Epistles
  • Church Business III
  • Life of Christ II
  • Pastoral III
  • Elective

Leadership and Pastoral Development

The Leadership and Pastoral Development study program is a recent addition to the Bible Training Institute program. It is dedicated to training the ministry and leaders within the Church. For a detailed explanation of the Leadership and Pastoral Development course, contact the Bible Training Institute coordinator.

BTI Correspondence Courses

Bible Training Institute course material is not limited to the on-campus program. Also offered are intense correspondence courses for individual or group study. Students of the correspondence courses are encouraged to spend proper study time before answering the lesson's test questions. Upon completing the course along with its questions, the student may submit the completed tests to General Headquarters for grading. The tests will be graded and returned to the student along with a certificate. A passing grade of 75 is required to earn a certificate.

Who is She? - History of The Church of God

Written by: R.O. Covey
Volumes have been written on so-called "church history" by various historians. However, in light of the divine revelation given to The Church of God, much that is called "church history" only applies to the church at Rome, and later to the greatly divided denominational system. The Church of God, however, is exclusive. It has an unique history. Due to the rejection of truth and of biblical theocratic principles, the true Church's operational history covers two comparatively brief periods. The first from A.D. 28 to A.D. 325. The second from A.D. 1903 until present. This does not mean that God was unmindful of her whereabouts during the interim period. In fact, much that transpired during the Dark Ages was related, direct or indirectly, to God's will and plan for His Church in these last days. Perhaps this brief volume will be helpful in emphasizing the Church's place in the overall design of God and inspire further research into the specifics of events of the past.

Who is She? - The Church's Unfinished Mission

Written by: R.O. Covey
In this short course, students are confronted with the obvious fact that the commission which Jesus gave to The Church of God is in the process of being carried out, but that it is "unfinished" to a disturbing degree. The burden of these lessons is the urgency with which we must bring the work to completion or perfection.

Who is She? - The Church The Fulness of Christ

Written by: R.O. Covey
Ephesians 1:22-23 is clear that the Body of Christ is the fulness of Him that is the Head (or Christ). One of the most controversial and misunderstood aspects of theology is the nature of the Body of Christ. In what appears to be the closing hours of the present order of things in the light of Scripture, there is mounting concern about the Church's role. The denominational "Babel,"or doctirnal confusion, is clearly at variance with the major scriptural references to the Church. This "church confusion" had its beginning with the Council of Nicea in A.D. 325, when The Church of God of apostolic times plunged into what history has called the "Dark Ages". This course seeks to recognize what is Christ and His fulness.

Who is She? - Prominent Teachings of The Church of God

Written by: Multiple Contributors
This course is the final course in the "Who is She?" series. It consists of twenty-nine prominent points of New Testament doctrine. This course does not intent to cover the entire New Testament. These are basic Bible truths which provide a sure foundation to build one's spiritual life upon.

Seventeen Works of the Flesh

Written by: Robert F. Strong
The Bible gives a number of examples of works of the flesh. This course deals specifically with the seventeen works listed in Galatians 5:19-21. All works of the flesh are an abomination unto the Lord. It is the intent of this course to provide students with a better understanding of the nature of fleshly works versus the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus which sanctifies wholly.

The Grace of God

Written by: Robert F. Strong
The grace of God is the basis of victorious living for every believer. No person can live a holy life without God's grace. Grace exposes man's fallibility and God's infallibility. This courses highlights topics such as carnality, starving grace by a lack of knowledge, the beauty of holiness, sanctification, and suffering grace.

The Will of God

Written by: R.O. Covey
When an individual knows the will of God, he or she consequently knows God's divine plan and His ordinances. This knowledge ultimately leads to the ability to withstand temptations which would cause mankind to disobey God's will. This course highlights God's Word as His will, God's covenants, God's will for the Church, and the culmination of God's will.


Written by: Larry Walters, Sr.
Christology is the study of the person, life, and work of Jesus Christ. It is formed from two words: 1) Christ, which means the anointed One, and 2) Ology, a branch of learning, science. The only true source for this branch of learning is the Bible itself.

There Shall Be One Fold

Written by: Larry Walters, Sr.
The one fold concept is not just a New Testament doctrine. This course begins in the Old Testament in its intent to assist the student in receiving revelation knowledge of the one fold concept.

The Church, the Body of Christ

Written by: Stephen E. Smith
Now ye are the body of Christ, and members in particular..." (1 Corinthians 12:27). The question posed by this course is taken from this verse. To whom is Paul referring? Is he just addressing anyone who might come along and read these words? Is he speaking to all who claim to be Christians, or possibly to all who are "born again"? This course lays aside common human reasoning and relies specifically on the Word of God in answering this mysterious question.

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