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West Point Lighthouse in Discovery Park, Seattle. Photo courtesy of Chuck Pefley Photography.

About the Beacon

The Northwest Beacon Light is the regional paper for The Church of God in Western Montana, Northern Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

As we move forward, you will find complete issues of our publication, available to read online or download to your computer in .pdf format, which can easily be opened, read and even searched with Adobe Acrobat Reader (an application that comes standard on all computers). In addition to current issues of the Northwest Beacon Light, we will also maintain an online archive of all back issues, which we encourage you to keep and use for the reference value of the material contained in them. We hope that this section of our regional website will continue to be a blessing to you for many years to come, whether you are a member of The Church of God or simply a visitor to our site, in search of the divine truths contained in God's Word.

That said, we are always in need of material for our publication. So we encourage you to submit devotions, articles, sermons, auxiliary boosts, pictures and updates from your area. In fact, the sooner we receive these, the sooner will can release another issue of the Northwest Beacon Light. 

Here are some of the items we especially want you send us:

Things to Send to the Northwest Beacon Light for Upcoming Publications

  1. Auxiliary boosts, articles, sermons, ideas for services and other helpful material.
  2. Inspirational or challenging articles and sermons.
  3. Testimonies.
  4. Devotions.
  5. Write-ups about what has been happening in your local church.
  6. Write-ups about revivals, special functions or regional events.
  7. Announcements of interest to the Northwest Region. These can even be revival announcements or information related to upcoming region, district and local events. Feel free to submit birth announcements, marriage announcements or announcements concerning other major events in your life or others in the region. 
  8. Prayer requests.
  9. Pictures. We need pictures of regional functions. Pictures of past events. Pictures of your local church or even special family activities that would edify the Body of Christ, new baby pictures, recent wedding pictures, revival pictures, pictures of altar services or auxiliary services. If you think it might bless someone in the Northwest Region, we want to see it.
  10. Important dates for us to mark on our calendars.
Check back soon, as the next issue of the Northwest Beacon Light will be published and available on this website in the first half of June. We hope you'll help us make it a memorable one.
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