Some Big News: Kennewick Church Acquires New Building

The Church of God in Kennewick, WA. has been looking into a large church building that can be used for both local and regional events. After having their first offer rejected, the members made a second offer that has been accepted by the seller. They have until the end of October to close on the facility but hope to have it wrapped up by mid-October.

The members are presently about $6,000 short of what they need for the closing expenses and will gladly accept any financial assistance from within the region or even outside of the region, should the Lord move on you to give toward this purchase. 

The facility presents considerable benefits, both to the local members and to the entire Northwest Region, due to amount of space and parking, as well as the property itself that comes with the facility. The members are envisioning its use for a number of functions and outreaches.

Pictures of the facility can be seen on a page that we have created to showcase the new building. Although pictures of the interior are not available at this time, we have been assured that the inside is just as impressive (or more so) than the outside. Interior pictures will be posted as soon as they are available.

To see the Kennewick church building and property, click on the link provided: Kennewick building pictures.

The Northwest Region needs volunteer videographers:

Some of you are already aware that the Northwest Region attempted to video the regional convention. Unfortunately, the region lacked sufficient manpower to keep the camera going, as well as appropriate video-editing software to make the DVDs we hoped to provide following the convention.

With minister's convention fast approaching, our regional media coordinator (Bro. Jacob Doran) would appreciate help from anyone who would be willing to operate the video camera during each session. If need be, the work can be spread out with a different operator recording each session.

With appropriate software now purchased, dedicated manpower is of great importance. If you would be willing to man the video equipment for at least part of the convention, please contact Bro. Doran at 360-840-8732 or e-mail him at

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