Retreat Snapshots

Youth/Family Camp

Check out these great pictures from our youth camps! We have been blessed to host some of the funnest and most exciting camps in the United States for The Church of God. In our camps, lives are changed and young people discover that serving God, despite its many challenges, can be an amazing blast! 

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Instruction, Spiritual Growth, Fellowship & Fun!

That about sums up what Northwest Regional Youth Camp is all about. Our teaches provide anointed Biblical teaching, and the young people in attendance experience the closeness of the Spirit and presence of the awesome God we serve. Between services, they have some of the best times and create some of the fondest memories of their lives.

Youth Camp needs YOUR SUPPORT!

We regret that we will not be able to hold a youth camp for the summer of 2011, but our staff is working diligently to find practical ways to again make youth camp an amazing outreach force for our region. The bottom line is that when our local churches commit themselves to building and supporting our youth camp, those very came have the immeasurable potential to build our local churches in ways that we could not otherwise witness without the aid of this remarkable tool.

Help us make youth camp possible for the summer of 2011 by calling, e-mailing or otherwise contacting our regional staff to express your support and offer ideas about how to make youth camp practical and perpetual in the year's to come.

In fact, we are reaching out to campers and staff from beyond the Northwest Region. So, if you'd like to invest in a camp somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, give us a call. We will be happy to put you to work! 


Ladies Retreat 2010

This year's Ladies Retreat was themed, "Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus. The retreat was held May 14-16 and boasted some wonderful experiences, including Salvation. The women learned from the character and example of Christ, prepared mission projects, held their second annual auction, built new friendships and strengthened old ones.  Reports are already coming in that our women received a special blessing during this time of renewal and refreshing.

Special thanks to our guest Speaker, Regional Missions Secretary, Betty Bishop. As always, Sis. Bishop was a blessing and hit it off with everyone in attendance. The anointing of Christ was evident upon her ministry and teaching. She even paid visits to some of the local churches in the region, so that others could benefit from her love and ministry, in the true spirit of Christ and His Church.

Fantastic Learning Opportunities

Youth camp affords a multitude of benefits to the young people of our region. They serve as incubators for growing and developing the spiritual life of the youth in our region and beyond.

At the same time, they provide a wealth of other learning opportunities. In the past, we have learned about the vastness and miraculous complexity of our universe, seeing and appreciating the wisdom and design of our world in which the most minute of details testifies to the artisanship of a masterful Creator, and even forestry, the dangers of forest fires, and the equipment used by the brave men and women who fight them. Of course, we relate all of these things to the spiritual and how we can better equip ourselves to both serve and witness of our Savior. Our young people look forward, every year, to what the camp coordinators will prepare for their benefit, and they are certain to remember those lessons for a lifetime.

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